Macroscop 3.6 POS-terminallarla işləmək üçün

Macroscop is preparing for the release of software version 3.6 and announces the main novelties and changes.

In version 3.6, as part of integration with payment (POS) terminals, the ability to receive and display the total amount of the check in Macroscop will be added.

This will allow you to create action scenarios in the video system when receiving a check for a certain amount. For example, turn on the recording on the corresponding camera when receiving a check for more than 30 AZN.

In the Macroscop client application, an event filter will be added to the Transaction Log by the total amount of the operation in addition to the existing ones (check issuance time, surveillance camera, keywords). When switching to a separate transaction record, you can play a video of the moment when the receipt was formed.

Also in the new version, the ability to automatically complete the receipt on command from the POS terminal has been added.

Advanced collaboration capabilities of Macroscop and POS terminals help to control the quality of cashiers’ work, quickly identify and investigate incidents at points of payment for goods. The integrated system is in demand, first of all, in retail, and will also find application at any facilities where sales are carried out using payment terminals.