Service Department

Professional after-sales service is a necessary condition for the quality operation of equipment and information systems.

Our service center is authorized by many vendors. This includes such IT giants as Canon, Epson, Lenovo, Nikon, APC, etc. The service center has implemented automation of the system for accounting applications from different types of customers. Starting from simple private ending with large corporate clients.

DiVi Service Center offers a number of unique programs aimed at achieving the required level of reliability of operated systems and optimizing customer costs.

One of the activities of the DiVi Service Center is the repair of copiers, printers and facsimile equipment, scanners and plotters. The specialists of the center will install, diagnose, prevent, configure and repair office equipment, as well as supply original consumables.

Customers have the opportunity to choose the optimal type of service:

  • Maintenance within the framework of the contract (all work is carried out during regular scheduled maintenance).
  •  One-time maintenance and repair (in the service center or on site to the client).
  •  Contract form of service.

Scheduled maintenance includes preventive maintenance and replacement of resource parts, diagnostics (assessment of the performance of equipment and its individual components), identification of the causes of failure or deviations, equipment repair. This allows you to keep your organization running smoothly.

Warranty service

  •  Warranty repair

Post-warranty one-time service

  •  Paid one-time repair

Employees of the service center will promptly, efficiently and professionally perform the necessary work.

Service contracts

Advantages of service contracts:

  •  The possibility of providing replacement equipment for the period of repair.
  •  Free choice of equipment recovery period.
  •  Planning of funds for maintenance of IT-infrastructure.
  •  Monitoring the technical condition of each device, predicting the occurrence of malfunctions and planning the replacement of spare parts and consumables.

Our service center also offers various levels of service support:

  • Setting up a client account in the Divi claim system
  • Next business day service.
  • Service with a fixed recovery time of equipment.
  • 4 hour response time during standard business hours (9 hours x 5 days a week).
The DiVi Service Center is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00, Saturday and Sunday are days off.