Macroscop. Haqqımızda

Macroscop is a Russian innovative company that develops software for video surveillance, intelligent video analytics, and network video recorders (NVR).

Benefits of working with Eocortex software:

1. Convenient interface

Macroscop is easy and simple to install. The interface of Macroscop IP camera viewer is intuitive for any user, allows you to quickly configure a system from any number of servers and IP cameras and instantly find information in the archive using the fragment feed

2. Quick installation

Eocortex installation does not require special administrative skills. Normal installation and initial setup of Eocortex takes no more than 15 minutes.

3. Powerful video analytics

To increase the functionality and efficiency of the video surveillance system, 21 Eocortex intelligent video analytics modules are available.

4. Reliable system

Automatic creation of database backups and automatic restoration of the database in case of failures. Self-diagnosis function aimed at automatically searching for possible problems in the system.

5. Flexible approach

Improvements to the requirements of user projects, free updates and technical support

6. Universality of integrations

Macroscop IP camera management software works with most well-known IP cameras (more than 8,000 models, 200 brands, ONVIF, PSIA, RTSP, HTTP support), and also supports integration with FSN and ACS systems. Users are not limited when choosing cameras, and can also expand the capabilities of their security systems.

7. Mobile clients

View video from cameras through free mobile clients on your Android, iOS, Windows Phone devices or web browser from anywhere in the world and receive event notifications in instant messengers.

Today, Macroscop products manage 800,000+ IP cameras in 15,000+ video systems. The partner network of the company unites 7000+ distributors and system integrators in 90 countries of the world.

Eocortex software provides security and optimizes business processes in companies such as Hugo Boss, Wimm-Bill-Dann, Sberbank, Goznak, ER-Telecom, Roscosmos, Lukoil, Proton and others.