SNOM. 2020: Challenging, but not lost

No one could have predicted the extreme events that would happen in 2020. This was the year when everyone was forced to adapt and accept completely new ways of working to stay afloat.

At Snom, almost all our employees are now working from their home office. In some countries, many colleagues have been out of the office for months.

“Fortunately, we had already launched innovative accessories for professional telephony in the market last year”, says Gernot Sagl, CEO of Snom Technology GmbH.

“This meant devices were readily available for both our colleagues and customers, proving indispensable when working from the home office or for increased mobility in the office environment.”

In spring 2020, the Snom A100D USB Headset and the Wi-Fi adapters for Snom deskphones became bestsellers. We also saw an increased demand for our deskphones. Like all Snom terminals, they can be easily used in the home office with all functions and advantages. In addition, the DECT based conference solution C52 SP proved very popular.

Some of the projects and large installations postponed in spring were completed in the summer, while new tenders were won.

“Even though there’s been a negative impact on project business as a result of the pandemic, we have managed to maintain the status quo in DACH, Italy and France. Despite all the risks and challenges, we’re optimistic about the future”, explains Sagl.

“That’s why we’ve decided to hire more skilled personnel despite the pandemic, taking on 9 new people in total – both in the areas of product development and sales.”

Another reason for optimism is the product innovations presented in 2020, such as the D335 IP deskphone, the M900 DECT Outdoor, a multicell for outdoor use, and the brand new expansion module, D7C.

In addition, we also managed to successfully launch our new auto provisioning programme SRAPS. SRAPS enables Snom partners to carry out installations and maintenance on their devices remotely.

“Despite all the adversity in 2020, we have done a fantastic job thanks to the tremendous dedication of the whole team. This is testament to the close community and team spirit at Snom”, says Gernot Sagl.

He adds: “We are well equipped for 2021, so our partners can look forward to more exciting products from Snom next year.”